Are you crushing your resistance, or is it crushing you?

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2020
I consider myself someone a doer.
I make decisions fast, move, take action, and can scale quickly.
And yet this week, I observed how much resistance I still have in my business and how little tolerance I have for discomfort.
I noticed my resistance to holding my team accountable. I was training my nanny on help with messaging and lead generation when Lexi is asleep.
I asked her to send 200 messages on day 1 she was pleased with 50.
I thought to myself… okay. "Urgh, she is probably not cut out for this."
So I didn’t say anything and just decided silently to not ask her to continue.
I didn’t want to be the bad boss, pushing her, and holding her accountable.
It’s easier to find someone else who is self-motivated.
The problem is - that’s not the first time it’s happened. And the common denominator is MY resistance with discomfort.
Discomfort with holding people accountable…
Discomfort with asking for referrals…
Discomfort with asking people to pay me what I’m worth...
It’s our willingness to notice, and say … I WILL step through this.
So I decided to run the other way. I decided to have a conversation with her, hold her accountable, and a few days later we are at 250 messages a day. 🙂
Well worth the minute of discomfort.
The question is… where are YOU holding back?

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