Am I a Copy Cat?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2021

Another controversial post from me, but believe me, not for the sake of controversy. 

If you told me two weeks ago I would be writing this, I would probably throw up.

And no, I am not going to call you out for being a copy-cat... so relax. 

I’m not in the "calling people out" business. (That’s 170 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness - if you want to know… not a good energy.) 

Today I am sitting here, 30 pounds lighter, after a conversation with one of my coaches, that went like this: 

Me: “I feel like I am a total fraud and I’ll be found out for the copycat I am.” 

Her (voice text): “Iva I have literally watched you go from almost enrolling your daughter in a nasty pueblo daycare to building a 7-figure business in 18 months. How are you a fraud?” 

Me: “It’s not real. Everything that I have built is because of the coaches I have and what they have taught me."

"I hardly ever come up with an original thought. Want my original thoughts? Move to Costa Rica and do psychedelics to grow your business. See? Not that useful. I’m a copy-cat fraud.” 

Her: “I’m not gonna let you discount yourself like that. You and I put ourselves in the room with people who have walked the path - it’s the smart thing to do. You learn from the best but YOU DID THIS!” 

Me: “I’m trying to take what you are telling me but shame is still screaming: you didn’t do it. It says ‘Oh you just stole other people’s ideas and passed them on.'” 

Her: “You did not steal other people’s ideas. You PAID FOR THEM. That’s what masterminds are for. We don’t care if you take our ideas and translate them to your audience.” 

Me: “Still feel like a fraud but I hear what you are saying. Still totally blended with it.” 

Her: “You are a master translator. That’s it. You learn from others, that’s what coaches are for. You apply it and you translate it to your audience.”


I’m just going to let you sit with this for a moment and ask you a question: Where are you discounting yourself because you are translating something you have learned from others to your clients? 

Yes, some people have been working on their original ideas for 20 years.

Good for them. 

For me, it doesn’t work like that. I do this: 

  1. Hire coaches, apply, see what works, see what doesn’t, and teach what does work
  2. Read a LOT of books and listen to a lot of audios 
  3. And yes, there are conversations with my higher self through my mom (that’s how the 7-day retreat model came about) but again, I incorporated principles of effective virtual events that I have learned from my business coaches. 

So what’s the difference between a master-translator and a copy-cat? 


Your story, how you applied it, and what you did with it. 

You could teach exactly the stuff I am teaching, and it’s not gonna be the same. People who are drawn to my energy will work with me. People who are drawn to yours will work with you. 

There is plenty of people who are REPELLED by me. They can’t handle the way I talk, they hate my style, or my accent, or whatever. 

People will be attracted to you because of what you are, your energy, your background, your accomplishments, your special cocktail they relate to. 

The modalities or principles are sometimes new and sometimes not. 

You are not the first one to talk about the power of gratitude or emotional release. 

I am not the first one to talk about the importance of connection, giving value, and service first before you ask someone to become a client. I think that’s been around for thousands of years. 

I’m also not the first one to talk about online launching, virtual events, retreats, and group programs, and the importance of working with people longer and having systems in place, and an incredible team, and being visible, and not hiding out and giving into impostor syndrome, and… and...  And also not the first one to say "hey you gotta evolve your mindset if you wanna go to 7 figures." 

But the ego thinks to not be a fake or a fraud, I should come up with my original principles. 

But hang on. 

What does that even mean… "my original ideas???: 

You mean the ego claimed the authorship of that idea… 

How nice.  Because all good ideas come from the ego, not from God. :D (sarcasm) 

Oh, we humans. :)

Happy translating! 


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