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Uncategorized Jan 26, 2022

I was just recording a podcast episode last week of finding your own voice and then it hit me.

So many times you hear that you should "be the best version of yourself."

I spent my life turning myself into a superwoman.

I wanted my voice to be smoother.

I wanted to sound more eloquent.

I wanted to be more polished.

Less frazzled.

Better leader.

Less emotional.

Less vulnerable.

Less needy.

Less attached.

Less dramatic.


Less defensive.

Less sensitive.

Less selfish.

More loving.

More caring.

More toned.

More intuitive.

More understanding.

More patient.



Find your own voice when you find you were perfect as you were. 

Always a little bit fat.

Sometimes inapropriate.

Sometimes insensitive, and often a professional trigger. 


When you accept yourself as you are – that is when you “find your voice.”

It's not out there. Your voice was always here.

It's dissolving the beliefs that it isn't already beautiful.


Today, accept ONE THING about yourself that you haven’t been able to accept.


What is it? 





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