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Uncategorized Sep 05, 2021

I avoided watching the news for a very long time.

I was not strong enough to not get hooked by it and see what’s actually up.

Today I realized I don't have to fear it anymore.

So for my own comic release, I checked out both sides of the comedy show. I went to CNN and Fox News.

Same old... everything sucks - plus violence.

Then I saw this interview with ISIS-K leader proud of how many people he has killed and tortured.

"Oh, how evil," you think.

Here's the thing.

This guy is not running around saying “I wanna be an evil SOB.”

He is running around saying “I wanna kill off as many people as possible who are against God [his version anyway] so I can go to heaven [his version]."

There is no evil, there are just levels of distortion of reality.

His reality is distorted so much there is zero true context in it to be found.

There is no dark; there is just an absence of truth.

All of our realities are distorted to a point. Just depends on how deep the distortions go and how much truth is contained.

Our job is to be very, very vigilant, and pay attention.

The universe is serving you all the clues and triggers when you are running a distorted operating system. Life gets difficult so you can start wondering "what the hell is wrong with my OS?"

Learn to listen and trust the spirit, not to the crap of the collective.

Difficult times mean nothing more than a need for an OS upgrade. You are running on distorted context and attached to some stuff that does not serve you.

The journey is to start mastering the difference between the ego chatter and the good stuff from the divine.

Start distinguishing how it feels. Do the shadow work and never stop.

Letting less and less slip by your BS radar and learning the difference between truth and illusions and stories.

And definitely forgiving yourself whenever it slips. (We will, of course, a lot, but that's just how we learn!!) 



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