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Podcast Episode 44: From Yucky Marketing To Purposeful Marketing

Nov 18, 2020

Many people who own a business say “I’m here to serve people” but then you see their marketing and sales tactics full of one-liners and funnels and weird newsletters about nothing except updates on their company or over-engineered marketing copy that doesn’t really deliver any value. 


When you integrate service into every single part of your business (especially marketing and sales), you have a win. When you try to get something from people in your...

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Why To Use Virtual Retreats To Drive Hyper Growth In Your Company

Nov 14, 2020

In 2019, I realized the need to master live video on camera conversion to drive growth in my business. 

It wasn’t just because it was 2019, it was also because I was pregnant. 

So, I researched 5-day challenges, hire a coach to teach me a 9-day live event format, and landed at a 7-day retreat format that I absolutely love. 

However, I have realized a problem with the live events - most of which seems to be the 5-day challenges.  

Just like with any other...

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Podcast Episode 43: Why Serving First Matters

Nov 09, 2020

Do you know how to get out of depression? It’s simple.

The opposite of depression is living your purpose. When you are off-purpose, your soul is saying to you ‘hello hello! You are off track!’

The problem is, instead of saying ‘hmm where am I off course’, we say ‘hmm I should do more self-care, take supplements and medications, or go to the gym’.

Here’s the thing though guys. While self-care and gym time is essential and I will talk about it in...

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Podcast Episode 42: The three skillsets to grow to multi 6 and 7 figures

Nov 02, 2020

So often we talk about the strategic building blocks that we need to implement in order to scale.

Yes you need a 1: many solution.

Yes you need a team.

Yes you need an ecosystem.

Yes you need a tribe and workshops within it.

But what about the skills you need to develop very quickly to go there?

Join me in this week's podcast episode for your dose of inspiration.

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Podcast Episode 41: How to plan your quarter

Oct 26, 2020

I see this over and over: setting goals, and then things go awry, and very little happens. One of my superpowers is making a great plan and following through on it.

In today’s episode I will walk you through the 4 keys of quarterly planning, and all the things you need to think about to make your financial goals in your business come true!

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Podcast Episode 40: How do you know that you are making progress in your business

Oct 19, 2020

Are you making progress in your business??

And how do you know?

Too many times I see entrepreneurs giving up before they make any money or make the next major financial leap in their business.

But there is a MAJOR skill acquisition and clarity gaining period that has to occur before you even get there.

Let’s talk about it!

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[4 minute training] The mindset shifts you need to make about content

Oct 16, 2020

The biggest struggles around content creation has nothing to do with where and when and how to post the content, or even how to create it all without spending a ton of time!

The biggest struggles have to do with MINDSET.

Yes, just like every other part of your business, there's fear and hesitation and doubt that holds you back from creating great content!

In this video I'll talk about the shifts you need to make to get your content creation system going.

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[4 minute tip] Are you hiding behind everybody else?

Oct 09, 2020

In this video I want to tackle one level of hiding that may not feel like hiding, but I see it so often even with high level entrepreneurs.

Hiding is all about staying deep in our safety zones and not truly leading, and that includes only teaching what other people already teach so we feel validated.

But your power doesn't come from what everyone else teaches!

Let's talk about trusting and validating ourselves...

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[4 minute bite] Don't mistake a NOT YET for rejection

Oct 02, 2020

No is a NOT YET

So many times I see entrepreneurs get a ‘no’, and never speak to their lead again.

We contract, and hide.

And yet, 60% of my current clients were a ‘no’ at first.

One in particular, said ‘no’ to me probably 150,000 times, over the period of 2 years.

Do not make the mistake of mistaking a ‘not yet’ for a no. Let’s talk about this.

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The Bootcamp: From Launch to $60k in One Month With Virtual Retreats

Oct 01, 2020

I’ll never forget this day: I was on the phone with Jim Laib, the CEO of a company that makes high-end speakers, interviewing for the offer to become a project manager for a company in Boulder. Great job, managing the engineering department and getting their $8,000 speakers produced.

I knew I was going to get the job offer, but that was maybe what the problem was. My heart sank. After 7 years of continuous entrepreneurship, my dream had died. I was going back to the corporate world.


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