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Being The Superwoman

Apr 22, 2021

I always said I was not a perfectionist and that was my strong suit. 

I can get an email out in 5 minutes to my list, and go live with almost no preparation. 

Except there’s one shade of perfectionism that I saw last week: The Superwoman. 

Always trying to look like a success story.

Perhaps I’m not the only one? 

When I looked this thing in the eye, I saw that I was TERRIFIED of looking weak. 

I was terrified of being humiliated. 

Building an 8-figure...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 81: Multi 7-Figure Leap in 18 Months (What It Took)

Apr 20, 2021

We are at $550k monthly revenue. 18 months ago I was wondering how I was going to pay the bills and my operations manager who was working 10 hours a week. 

People don’t believe me when I say we over 200x’d our revenue in 18 months, and that's okay. 

In today’s episode, I want to break this down for you but before I go there let me make one thing clear. 

This isn’t about the money. 

This is about the transformation that happens for me personally,...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 79: Your Week Off = The Hardest Work You Will Ever Do

Apr 15, 2021
I have miscommunicated big time with our clients, and with you. Let me set the record straight here.
Here it goes.
Week 8 is NOT a week off.
It’s not a week of relaxing, doing nothing, and binge-watching television.
Week 8 is the hardest work you will do of the 8 weeks.
It’s the inner work where you put the past in the past, heal as much as you can, and receive inspiration for the following 8 weeks.
Hear more details on this...
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Am I a Copy Cat?

Apr 01, 2021

Another controversial post from me, but believe me, not for the sake of controversy. 

If you told me two weeks ago I would be writing this, I would probably throw up.

And no, I am not going to call you out for being a copy-cat... so relax. 

I’m not in the "calling people out" business. (That’s 170 on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness - if you want to know… not a good energy.) 

Today I am sitting here, 30 pounds lighter, after a...

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It's Her Business Show Ep. 78: On The Business Of Calling People Out

Mar 29, 2021
I see a lot of posts out there where coaches are calling other coaches out.
"I’m calling out all the people who do abc xyz..." Such as "the people who send DM’s" or "the coaches who say you are paying to be in their energy" and so on.
I want to contextualize this for you on the map of consciousness and what doing this does to your business.
--- Map of consciousness 170 - will do two things: you will attract the people who love the drama. And that’s...
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Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Becky

Mar 27, 2021
Your goals are closer than you think they are! I promise!
Becky's story is so common: working at a private practice and not able to align what she is worth with what she was bringing in. She was pouring into the world, doing good things but feeling so misaligned from her purpose. She was only able to invest the first two months for QLE and had so much fear that she was ready to step away from her coaching business forever after 5 years of trying. After attending The S.E.R.V.E....
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Why your group program isn’t selling as much as your 1:1 program 

Mar 17, 2021

So many times I hear this: “I really want to roll people into my group or hybrid program but they just want to buy my 1:1.”


You have probably been told it’s “just your mindset.” 


And it is, but there is more to it than that on a strategic level and it comes down to this: 


You ACTUALLY HAVE TO BELIEVE that your group program solution is a better fit for the client. 


Meaning it will get them results faster. 



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It's Her Business Show Ep. 74: Why Your Group Program Isn’t Selling As Much As Your 1:1 Program

Mar 16, 2021

So many times I hear this: “I really want to roll people into my group or hybrid program but they just want to buy my 1:1." 

In this week’s podcast, I’m discussing the issues behind this. 

If this applies to you and you want to schedule a free 20 minute consult with my team to figure out why you aren’t selling out your group program and whether we might be a good fit to work together, schedule it here: http://bit.ly/SERVEconsult


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"Soliciting in the DM Seems Desperate"

Mar 13, 2021

I was browsing through a female entrepreneur group and saw a post saying “soliciting in the DM after seeing a comment on someone else’s post seems a bit desperate, is someone else experiencing this?” 


First, I don’t know what this person was sent in the DM. Maybe that was a link to a product to buy… which is a bit much to send after you post something. 


But this post got 500 comments. As I was reading through it, I could not believe the...

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It's Her Business Podcast 72: What Causes Us Hurt In Our Business

Mar 11, 2021


Last week I had a very difficult presentation where I was very close to breaking into tears during the presentation. 


Why? The one thing I was most afraid of (that someone would say "You just care about making money") was said out loud.

Today I want to break down what resilience means. :)


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