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How to get comfortable on video to boost your visibility!

Jan 27, 2019

Two of the best and most effective ways to get out there and start attracting clients are:

  1. public speaking and
  2. making videos.

They get you visibility and let you really connect with people in a personal way that emails and blog posts and all of that just can’t do.

So why doesn’t everyone embrace this?

Because there’s a lot of fear surrounding this stuff. I’ve talked about overcoming fear when it comes to public speaking, so now I want to talk about the fears...

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Do you struggle with anxiety in your business?

Jan 27, 2019

Anxiety and fear around new clients is something we all struggle with.

We want to accomplish our goals, we want to make a difference in the world, and it’s inevitable that we’ll run into situations where we have anxiety about conversations which can hold us back from success.

I experienced one of those times recently with a new client.

I realized I had certain beliefs that I had created which were getting in the way of our working relationship.

Luckily, I have a tool that a...

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What’s keeping you stuck?

Jan 27, 2019

How long have you been in the process of creating your business or product? How long have you been talking about launching a new program or trying a new strategy without actually getting to the point of doing it?

The biggest thing which keeps us stuck in the process of second guessing and planning and fine-tuning is….


I’m not even that much of a perfectionist, but even I used to spend way more time getting things ready to launch than I needed to.

The longer I...

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Managing your most important resource: TIME!

Jan 27, 2019

We talk about money and we talk about technology, but the thing we all struggle with most is….


I talk a lot about how important it is to work ON your business instead of working IN your business, but how do you really do that when you’ve got family obligations and personal things going on and all kinds of other demands in your life?

It’s all about time blocking.

If you set things up so that your clients don’t schedule themselves during time you’ve set up...

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You’ve had your first session with a potential client… Now what?

Jan 26, 2019

You know it’s important to have a nurture campaign to get people to sign up for a discovery session with you, and we’ve talked about how important it is to have a nurture sequence set up to prepare them for their discovery session.

But then what happens?

No matter what the results of the discovery session are, you don’t want to stop nurturing them as clients or potential clients.

Does that mean having different nurture campaigns depending on if they’re ready to be a...

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Are your nurture campaigns complete?

Jan 26, 2019

When we think about funnels, mostly we’re thinking about how we get people interested and get them to sign up for a discovery session, right? That’s a huge part of marketing and it’s important. Nurture campaigns are one of the best tools for keeping your brand in people’s minds and getting them ready to act on whatever your offer is.

But what about AFTER they’ve said yes to your offer?

Once they sign up for that first step, you definitely don’t want to...

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Never mess with invoices and payment reminders again!

Jan 26, 2019

One of the biggest roadblocks for many of my clients is billing. I know it’s frustrating, sending invoices and trying to get clients to send payments on time, not to mention the common feelings of guilt surrounding charging what our work is really worth.

But you can’t stay in business if you aren’t making profits, so this is one of the most important systems to put in place. And I can tell you from experience that sending invoices and reminders hoping clients will PayPal you...

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Rock Your Business by working yourself out of it!

Dec 06, 2018

Ready for the last step to totally rocking your business? You know what your business should look like in the end, who your client is, and how you’re going to get your message out there. And now? Step 7:

Systematize and work yourself out of the business!

Now that you’ve got your funnel figured out and you’re converting through that funnel and getting clients, it’s time to systematize the heck out of it! That way you aren’t working all the time, you stay...

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Wanna Rock Your Business? Get your message out!

Dec 06, 2018

So you’ve visualized your ideal business and you know your ideal client, so now it’s time to think about get your message out there in Step 5:

Write a book in a weekend and become a best-selling author!

What??? You have nothing to write about? You’re not a writer? You don’t have a book in you?

Guess what! I said the same thing!

The thing is, in the right environment, under the right circumstances, EVERYONE’s got a bestselling book in them. And to be taken...

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You can’t Rock Your Business until you know your ideal client!

Dec 06, 2018

Once you’ve gotten clear on what your business will look like and gotten past your resistance, you’re ready for Step 3:

Get crystal clear on your ideal client strategy!

Guys, there are two important reasons to do this:

  1. You need to know your client in order to communicate with them effectively. If you aren’t clear about what they want and what they are dealing with, they aren’t going to buy from you.
  2. In order to manifest your ideal client, you have to hold WHO THEY...
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