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Deep Dive into the Map of Consciousness

Aug 16, 2019

Let’s dive into the map of consciousness

A couple days ago we talked about the Conscious Leader series and what we will be doing every week. 

Before we start surrendering parts of the ego and dive into spiritual progress, let’s dive into the map of consciousness, designed by Dr. David R Hawkins, and published in 1995 in Power vs. Force. 

Levels of consciousness below 200

Even though one might have a higher calibrating heart chakra and kundalini, if one’s...

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Conscious Leader Series Introduction

Aug 13, 2019

I have a gift for you, that will save you lifetimes. 

I had spent years and significant time invested into getting coaching, attending various programs, retreats, reading over 200 books on psychology and personal and spiritual growth, applying what I could. 

I meditated, contemplated, bashed into pillows, tried the course in miracles, had my aura cleaned, went to Unity, saw a psychic, listen to countless hours of spiritual tapes, tried breathing techniques, attended retreats. 

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More on the Map of Consciousness…

Apr 23, 2019

In the last video we nerded out on the topic of the Map of Consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins. If you haven’t watched it, go back, as this is a follow-up video.

And I gave an overview of what the map is and what the different levels mean, so you probably have some idea of where you fall on the scale. And you can set intention of where you want to be.

Now the question is:


Although not an expert (and Hawkin’s books do a much better...

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Enough about business… let’s geek out on spirituality!

Apr 10, 2019

There are 5 steps I talk about all the time that are essential to building your business.

And the number one step is YOU <3.:) Growing yourself, on an emotional and spiritual level.

Business is a playground for your spiritual growth, and your evolution feeds right back into your business.  

The one thing that really excites me is the Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins.

One of the many reasons it’s so great is because it allows you to know what level you’re at right...

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Your program not selling?

Apr 10, 2019

It’s not hard to find advice on how to attract clients and sell your program, and you’ve probably tried more than a few.

Let’s see.

  • Networking.
  • Holding workshops.
  • Online stuff. Lead magnets.
  • Social media. Using facebook groups.
  • Youtube channel.
  • Podcasts.
  • Complicated online funnels. (yawn)
  • Get a youtube channel.

There are two main things I talk about all the time that are really the key to selling your program.

Neither of them involve going to a bunch of events or...

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Should you create your own tribe? :-O

Apr 10, 2019

You are out to make a difference,

You love leading..

And you are intrigued by the idea of creating a community of people..

If the above resonates with you..

Then creating a meetup group (or a networking group of some sort) can be a really rewarding effort.

Last year I took some training and created It’s HER Business.  

I’ll be honest here… it takes work. You have to have a plan and a strategy for staying engaged and delivering a consistent experience for everyone.

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Are you struggling with your signature program?

Apr 10, 2019

You want to make a difference in the world...

And you have an idea for what to offer to clients and what sort of value you want to provide, right?

But you run into a wall.

What is the right offer???

Okay, I’ve got a bit of help for you.

I have trialed and errored through the process enough, and I don’t want the same for you.

This video outlines the process.

Plus, I will guide you through doing it quickly and without spending a ton of time nauseating over the details.


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Are you ready to deliver your signature talk?

Apr 10, 2019

Hello, friend!

Speaking is the simplest, least techy, and most accessible way to grow your business.

It requires no tech, not even a website, and the learning curve is relatively fast.

The biggest requirement is COURAGE :)

I’ve talked a lot about how to get comfortable as a speaker and how to make an effective offer, but there are a few steps before that…

...like writing your talk and preparing the program you’re offering!

And that’s just the beginning. Your...

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Let me guide you step by step through transcending your fears

Jan 28, 2019

I talk a lot about the fears that hold us back. And I talk a lot about the importance of visibility. Public speaking, making videos, even just going into events and introducing yourself is all about making yourself visible to people.

And for a lot of people, it’s terrifying. I know.

So I made a video about how to figure out what kind of fears are holding you back and how to transcend them. And I don’t just want to talk about how this works. I’ll take you step by step...

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To give is to receive (That applies to your business, too!)

Jan 28, 2019

You probably know by now that I’m interested in working on myself and I strive to elevate my consciousness. If you want to work on any part of your life, including your business, you have to do some work on yourself as well.

Actually, you have to do a ton of work on yourself. HA!

Today I want to talk about all the things we want to receive in business and in life. We want money, we want clients, we want opportunities, whatever. If we’re always thinking about what we want, what...

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