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6 Day Messaging Brief Challenge! Your Message - Part 1

Sep 06, 2019


Today is the first day of our 6 day Uplevel Your Brand challenge. 


Today we are starting with your messaging brief. If you have one - great! Time to uplevel it. If you don’t have one yet - perfect! 

First, open your messaging brief (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BHeuxTabFgus80VxyAE3hr_yUI7Mniq2) and print it (or find a way to fill it out online). 

Let’s talk about your heart’s ideal client, and niche down who they are.

You are going to have...

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How you disempower others by playing the prosecutor

Sep 04, 2019

We have started talking about pride in the conscious leader series. Now it’s time to dig deeper, and find different prideful models within myself. 

The prosecutor is one of my favorite ones to talk about. 

In my previous career I owned a small gluten-free cafe. The food was wonderful, the customers marveled at the ambiance, but I struggled.

For the first two years, I could not get away. Always there, always working, always making sure everything was running as it should.


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Part 6 video training is here! Design Your Signature Talk! - LAST PART!

Aug 25, 2019

Have you reserved your seat at the SPEAKER DAY? If not, it’s time.

Seats will fill, and when they are gone they are gone. 

What you will get: 

  1. A chance to refine and practice each section of your signature talk 
  2. Uplevel your speaking skills and learn effective ways to engage with your audience and keep them interested
  3. You will get your own professional one minute SPEAKER REEL!  It will be you, and a couple testimonials from the audience. 
  4. You will get a speaker...
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Part 5 video training is here! Design Your Signature Talk!

Aug 24, 2019

Our talk is coming together! Here is how the parts come together: 

  1. Kick off (we covered yesterday)
  2. Your bio (we cover today) 
  3. Core teaching content (covered two days ago) 
  4. Offer (we covered three days ago) 

So let’s talk about your bio today! This is the hardest part of many folks who have a difficult time talking about themselves and bragging. 

Important thing is this: don’t inflate, don’t deflate, stand your ground. Realize that you are awesome...

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Part 4 video training is here!

Aug 23, 2019

So far, we have designed your offer (the end of your talk), and the teaching content with stories in it. 

If you are wondering how the puzzle will come together, don’t worry, it will. 

Now we are going to jump all the way to the beginning and kick off the presentation! 

There is a few ways to do the kick-off. Here are my two favorite ways: 

  1. Interactive 
  2. Non-interactive. 


The interactive kick-off

We get people in the audience engaged from...

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Part 3 video training is here! AND upcoming live workshop!

Aug 22, 2019

Yesterday you thought through the steps you will be walking people through. 

Today let’s outline how you are going to teach it. 

Here’s a suggested structure for each step. 

FIRST, start with a story - your own, or someone you know (a client if you have clients yet), describing a mistake that you (or they)  made. You should include at least 3 stories in your talk, therefore every step should start with a story. 

The first step should have what we call your...

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Part 2 video training is here! Create Your Signature Talk

Aug 21, 2019

Yesterday we put together the end of the talk, which is your offer.  

Now we are going to work on the MIDDLE of the talk, the CORE TEACHING CONTENT. I know right? A bit of jumping around we are doing! 

So let’s go step by step: 

STEP 1: Create the 3 - 5 steps of what you want to teach them. 

Sometimes you will only have 15 minutes to present, sometimes you will have 90. 

So you can expand or shrink your steps depending on what works for that workshop. ...

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PART 1 of video training is here!!! (Re)-Create Your Signature Workshop

Aug 20, 2019

Today, we are starting with the OFFER. 

This is the last section of the talk. 

Why? It’s the part that people shy away from, so it’s a good idea to knock it out of the way :) 

Also, being clear on the offer allows you to tailor what you are teaching and your stories. 

So let’s go!

I am going to give you a formula for the offer. What you want to do is follow along, step by step, and put it together. 


You have just finished...

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Attention:Tomorrow we are starting a 6 day video training - (Re)-Create Your Signature Mini-Workshop!

Aug 19, 2019

Hello sisters, 

First of all, why speaking? Why a mini-workshop? 

  1. Speaking is the surest way to grow as a leader, grow your confidence, and face your fears. 
  2. It also is the fastest way to grow your business, expand your email list, and grow your audience. People have to know who you are. There are some costs to it, but it is fairly inexpensive. You certainly don’t have to be an international speaker to start. 
  3. Finally, it’s a great way to serve people. I do...
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What's Really Motivating You?

Aug 19, 2019

What is your true motivation?

Today we are diving into a blind spot of many, one that derails our businesses, our roles as a parent, our sense of wellbeing. PRIDE. We’ll be talking about pride a lot in the next few weeks, because it is such an ingrained part of our psyche. 

But before we go there, I want to talk about one more thing. 

It is said that our level of consciousness, on the map of consciousness, is has a lot to do with our source of motivation. 


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