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On surrendering "It's Important to Meeeee"

Apr 19, 2020

So many times we say ‘it’s important to me!’.

Many times I found myself saying stuff like ‘it’s important to me that the guy I date pays the bill when we go out’. (and get upset when they don’t).

‘Important’ often is the ego’s way to justify attachments and disguise it as a value.

‘It’s important to me to find a husband,’ she said.
Hmm. Is it an intention coming from the spirit, or is it an insecurity and need to...

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The 15 topics to use to position you as an expert

Apr 17, 2020

The 15 topics to use to position you as an expert and grow your coaching, consulting, or service based business.

I often hear from entrepreneurs: "but I don't know what to talk about in my content!!" Let's get into it. I got 15 ideas for you on what to talk about. Let's do it!

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'It's faster if I just do it myself'

Apr 16, 2020

So many times I see entrepreneurs trying to become leaders in their business when they bring on their first hire, contractor, or VA…

… and turn into one of two types of control freaks.

Type A: ‘Lemme help!’

If you are type A, the Rescuer, you get a sense of moral superiority out of rescuing your team and saving people from too much work.

The impact? They tend to turn helpless.

Or… The type B, the Prosecutor: ‘Scoff, It’s just faster if I do it...

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Ep. 18: Are you sabotaging yourself in business?

Apr 13, 2020

Today I wanted to talk about self sabotage in business. 

It is such an important topic… PLAGUES our success in business. 

The game of self sabotage is real. It shows up whenever we are about to pass a ceiling... in love, joy, attitude, business..

See, the ego-mind  doesn't want us to reach our full potential.

So again let’s talk about why we are here on this planet. 

I believe we are here for a few reasons. 

... to transcend levels of consciousness, let...

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5 ways to overcome procrastination

Apr 12, 2020

So many times I see entrepreneurs, including myself, procrastinating on the things that are actually the most important in business.

Be it out of fear or rejection, fear of being visible, or simply putting off outsourcing or delegating tasks that are daunting out of fear of spending extra money..

I want you to make a list of three things in your business you procrastinate about. You know, the things you reschedule over and over and over.


Now ask yourselves, if you did NOT...

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Ways to NURTURE your audience before you make offers

Apr 10, 2020

Let's talk about email for coaches, consultants, and service based entrepreneurs: Ways to NURTURE your audience before you make offers

I want to talk about the specific dos and dont's to do with your email to build relationships with your customers. Let's go!

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Ep. 17: On creating and distibuting content to drive growth

Apr 08, 2020

While it is SO important when you are creating content to be in the state of inspired sharing and not just be knocking things out...

I also want to share with you the 3 key principles that you absolutely must follow to use content to drive the growth in your business to 6 and 7 figures.

#1. You MUST be consistent, even if you are not seeing the results right away.

You might only have 2 views on your podcast or 3 people watch you when you go live on Facebook for the first few times.

That is...

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On energy, and handling defeatism, disappointments, and little failures

Apr 08, 2020

I was going to make a giveaway post the other night in the Facebook group..

Then I realized it was going to get zero response.

Why? My energy wasn't in it. It was just a thing to check off the list.

Energy with which we act is everything.. be it writing a content, going live, or going into a sales conversation.

The number of views we get for our live show has little to do with the content, much to do with my energy around it.

If there is no inspiration, if the content is templatized and...

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My daily mindset practice for expansive growth

Mar 30, 2020

Sometimes business isn’t going well. You haven’t had a high ticket sale in weeks, you are wondering if it’s going to turn out, and all you see is the things that aren’t working, and you start going down the fear spiral.

I know when I am in that situation, I dig my heels in.

I double down on work, schedule more calls, send out more emails..

Usually with no meaningful results.

Why? Fear and scarcity mindset has crept in.

In that low vibration, NOTHING meaningful will...

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My single mom journey thus far...

Mar 29, 2020

“You are only subject to what you hold in mind”  (David R Hawkins) 

We have to be extremely careful about what collective beliefs we are buying into.

So many times during my pregnancy people told me that single motherhood was going to be ‘hard’... That I would be exhausted, wasn’t going to get any sleep. That c-section recovery was going to be long and hard. 

The commentary was incessant and I was getting more and more annoyed with each comment.


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