6 -> 7-Figure Blueprint Series

If you are at the 6-figure mark, this is for you.

I'll share how to go to 7-figures without being exhausted or burnt out and overcoming your mindset blocks.

So here’s a gift for you: 

Part 1: 5 traps to keep you from going past 6-figure mark [18 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--125-7-figure-blueprint-series---part-1-5-traps-to-keep-you-from-going-past-6-figure-mark-e18qf3o 

Part 2: The infrastructure you will need [6 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--126-7-figure-blueprint-series---part-2-The-infrastructure-you-will-need-e18qfjq

Part 3: 7-figure sales system [6 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--127-7-figure-blueprint-series---part-3-7-figure-sales-system-e18qfvp 

Part 4: Scalable programming for 7-figure readiness [6 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--128-7-figure-blueprint-series---part-4-scalable-programming-for-7-figure-readiness-e18qgo1 

Part 5Diversify for 7-figure readiness [8 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--129-7-figure-blueprint-series---part-5-diversify-for-7-figure-readiness-e18ssuf 


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