[5 minute training video]: Planning - are you thinking a month, or 10 years ahead?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

I see this so many times: entrepreneurs giving up on strategies 2 weeks after not seeing the results.. Nad constantly moving from platform to platform, from shiny object to shiny object…

… looking for the next thing that is going to guarantee them success.

I want to scream.. Hold on!! You haven’t even given this a chance!!

Part of the mindset shifts we are teaching our entrepreneurs is to move towards long term thinking, 1 year minimum, and holding a vision for what you want to create in your business.

I have talked about this SO MANY TIMES, but if you focus on the short term, all you will see is failure.

Instead, a shift needs to occur.

It’s necessary to look at the short term as mere practice and getting better, a little bit each day.

Let’s dive in :)


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