5 keys to running an effective live stream

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

So many times I see entrepreneurs running a live stream that is straight up PAINFUL to watch, and wonder why they have no audience.

Quite frankly, I am not a live streaming expert by any means. I avoided live streaming for the longest time, but I want to share with you the bits that I have learned.

Key #1: Kick it off strong!!

No babbling at the beginning.

Even as you are waiting for people to join, immediately start with what you will be talking about, the 3 key results people will get and who it’s for. Then you can repeat it as they join. Remember, there will be many people watching the replay and there is nothing more painful than watching you trying to figure out what you are trying to say for 5 minutes. You have 10 seconds to grab their attention before you lose them.

Key #2: Ask for engagement!

I struggled with this so much at the beginning. I did not want to ask for engagement as I was worried no one would engage anyway, and I would somehow look like a fool on the livestream.

However, most people do WANT to engage, they just need to be invited and included. Here are some ways to ask for engagement:

Ask people to let you know they are there when they join, and to post their name
Ask SIMPLE questions (yes/no, rate something on a scale 1 - 5, etc) to your audience. If you ask complicated questions that need more than 3 seconds of thought, most people aren’t going to engage

Key #3: Teach 3 key points, no more

Argh!! My downfall - over-teaching and over-giving! So many times people tell me I am overwhelming my audience. Recently I gave a talk which I thought went wonderfully, but literally everyone’s written feedback was that they thought it was too much content.

So make 3 points, and that’s it. Cut it down. Force yourself to teach less and go deeper.

Key #4: Share at least 2 personal stories

Always share relatable stories. Stories are how people learn.

I have mapped out for myself about 20 different stories from my entrepreneur life that I tend to share over and over again when I am covering different topics, and you should do the same.

Key #5: Your energy is EVERYTHING.

Yup. Do what you gotta do to show up with high energy, passion, enthusiasm, and intention to make a difference.

Go for a run before, do jumping jacks, dance.

For me, I always turn on music before I go live and have a little dance ritual. Going live is a little celebration.

When you are tired, unsure of the content, people are going to sense it and not tune in. So manage your energy first!

Which key will you be working on for your livestreams?


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