4 keys to quarterly planning

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2020

Too many times I see people making a plan and giving up on their goal shortly after. This is one of my super powers - being able to predict the future based on my calendar! 

I choose a quarterly planning cycle because 

  • A year is too long to hold my attention span 
  • A month is way too short to get any major projects accomplished. 

So here we go, let’s break it down for you: 

Key #1: You’ve got to be clear on the revenue

  • On the # of clients you are getting, and the number of attendees in your events (be it speaking engagements, meetups you are running, challenges, zoominars, etc) that it will take to get the # of calls on the calendar and the # of clients.
  • The # of invitations you or your team have to send out to get the people into your events. 

Key #2: Get clear on the projects: Events, team, service, and PR 

EVENTS: what are the conversion events you are doing and when 

TEAM: who are you going to bring onto the team, the training materials and onboarding process you will create, the coaching to them you will provide 

SERVICE: what are the elements you are going to develop to truly serve your clients at the highest level 

PR: how are you going to expand your brand out there! (book writing efforts, podcasting, social media exchanges, speaking, meetups, etc) 

Key #3: Map it out onto the 13 weeks of the next quarter. Get extremely clear what has to happen when in order for you to reach those goals on time 

Key #4: Time block it week by week! For example, I have time blocks for 

  • Strategy
  • LEad gen 
  • Content creation (which is what I’m doing writing this right now :) 
  • PR 
  • COnnects with my audience
  • Discovery sessions
  • Coaching 
  • Upleveling my program. 

… and so on. 

And Key #5: Train yourself to follow through on your time blocks. 

This comes naturally to nobody. You actually have to develop a skill to follow your calendar. I recommend you add ample buffer time for emergencies. This is so crucial!! 



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