Why your group program isn’t selling as much as your 1:1 program 

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

So many times I hear this: “I really want to roll people into my group or hybrid program but they just want to buy my 1:1.”


You have probably been told it’s “just your mindset.” 


And it is, but there is more to it than that on a strategic level and it comes down to this: 


You ACTUALLY HAVE TO BELIEVE that your group program solution is a better fit for the client. 


Meaning it will get them results faster. 


Your group program has to deliver MORE VALUE than your 1:1 program. 


That is not a hard thing to do at all but you have to put some work and thought into it and actually be committed to creating the group program that is known in your industry for the best and most transformative results. 


How do you do this? 


You’ve got to make sure your group program has every single one of these elements: 


#1. You lead 

What does that mean? Every single week you show up in with the best energy you can, ready to inspire people into taking the action and making the breakthroughs. 


#2. You teach 

Yes, you actually teach them what it is that they have to do to get the results. 


#3. You train 

That’s different from teaching. Information alone does not get them the results. If it did, YouTube would be enough for everyone. 


You do what you need to do to get your clients practicing - swinging the bat.


If you are a sales coach, it looks like role-playing call convos. 

If you are a speaking coach, it looks like practicing on stage. 

If you are a communications coach, it looks like practicing communication.

If you are a meditation coach, it looks like practicing the meditation. 


#4. You coach and customize 

Now that they are practicing, swinging the bat, you coach them on the debrief. 


#5. You hold them accountable 

Whether it’s 1:1 element in your group program (we love and run hybrid programs!) or an accountability buddy system, you want to make sure there is accountability in your program. 


#6. You celebrate 

This piece is very much mindset. Unaided, the mind will always be talking about where we are behind - not doing enough, not being where we need to be. You have to help your clients see the results they are getting and acknowledge them so they can generate more. 


We help our clients structure, create, launch, and fill  unbelievable group programs. If this intrigues you, let’s hop on a call and discuss whether working together is a good idea! 

Here’s the link to schedule: http://bit.ly/SERVEconsult


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