Visibility Bootcamp Show - Fear and Procrastination

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2020

Yesterday we had a VIP guest on the Visibility Bootcamp Show. She is THE MASTER of visibility.

Kelly Fox, a fearless living coach, is a mom of 6 ultra-successful entrepreneur who is virtually UNSTOPPABLE, and she teaches you to be the same.

Jaye Owens interviewed Kelly Fox about procrastination - and where it’s coming from.

Fear of course. If you want to know how to move past your fear and get things done at the speed of light, show up live on Wednesday at 6 pm :)

You will

✔become aware of what your procrastinating and place it on a tool called Stretch, Risk, Die to assess where it lies
✔ you will be able to break down your bigger tasks into smaller steps so you can complete them and get closer to your goals.

This is one of those classes you want to show up ready to take lots of notes and learn fast!

Let’s watch! 


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