0 -> 6-Figure Blueprint Series

I decided to put together a couple of quick short audios to take the guesswork out of it for you. 


Going to 6 and 7 figures isn’t that hard, but we make it way more complicated than it needs to be. 


So here’s a gift for you: 

Part 1: 5 traps that keep you from going to 6 figures [9 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--119-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-1-avoid-the-5-failure-traps-e18pheb 


Part 2: the 6-piece signature system you want to have in place [7 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--120-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-2-your-6-piece-signature-system-e18pi53 


Part 3: add FUEL to the growth with virtual retreats [6 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--121-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-3-put-the-FIRE-under-your-growth-with-virtual-retreats-e18pkfi 


Part 4: Setting up scalable programming [6 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--122-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-4-set-up-scalable-programming-e18pl6a 


Part 5: Have a SIMPLE SALES FUNNEL [5 min training] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--123-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-5-having-a-stellar-sales-system-in-place-e18pm2h 

Part 6: How we work with people: Our QLE program [8 min version] - https://anchor.fm/ivapaleckova/episodes/Ep--124-6-figure-blueprint-series---part-6-About-QLE-how-we-work-with-clients-e18q4mk 



P.S.: Book a free call with our team here: https://bit.ly/BusinessBuildingBlueprintSession 

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