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How Our Clients Launched Successfully with 4-10 New Clients & Tens of Thousands of $$$ in 1 Retreat

Mar 23, 2022


Is this you?


Are you an introvert?
Do you have a podcast and Instagram following?
Yet trying to make this work for years?
Spending all of your time on Canva, creating content & updating your website?
Posting & running away?
Anxiety about not knowing what you’re talking about or being confident enough?
Doing all the things you think you should be doing?
Your mom was/is your first client?
Feel like you’re pulling teeth with prospective clients?
Trying to make your...

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The 5 mental jail archetypes that are driving you

Mar 18, 2022

Can you guess at least one mental jail archetype you have that keeps your business on the ground floor? 

In today's podcast episode, I uncover 5 force-field archetypes that are UNIVERSAL and are driving your business results DOWN, not up, no matter how much you work. 

Let's dive in!!! 

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The only rule of the 5D business is...

Mar 04, 2022

IMO, the rule of moving our businesses to 5D is this:


And that is the hardest thing we will ever do.

But the most important commitment a business owner can ever make.

Follow the heart at. all. cost. (yes, at all cost, even if it means risking it all and it not working out.)

Listen to the podcast here: 

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All the pain... turns into gold...

Mar 02, 2022

"I am not a people pleaser, I am more of a steamroller", said I, to myself, some time ago.

Boy was I wrong.

On Thursday, I had a really incredible conversation with Resa Eisen, one of our dear clients, by the way, a true real deal expert with decades of work turning people pleasers into authentic, happy, confident, powerful beings.

In her energy field, I tuned into things that would just in a few hours produce a complete miraculous transformation in my life.

I want to share bits of this...

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Quantum Leap Entrepreneur Resa

Feb 28, 2022

Resa has been a private practitioner & mediator working 1:1 for over 45 years. 


She joined our program with an interest in launching a 1:many program and is seeing a tremendous difference to free herself of things that were once big challenges. 


As an avid attendee in our weekly group calls, she is now overcoming her fear and meeting challenges head-on with much more confidence. 


If you want to launch a 1:many program and have these mindset shifts as...

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Creating with SPEED

Feb 18, 2022

When you are building an empire, you need MOMENTUM. 

You need speed. 

You need to collapse timelines. 

(and NO, I'm not talking about overworking yourself and burning out) 

You need to feel inspired. 

You need ideas to come to you and feel at ease implementing that. 

Otherwise, it's all pushing through your internal resistances. 

Listen here: 

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The only rule of running a 5D business is…

Feb 16, 2022


And that is the hardest thing we will ever do.

But I think, the most important commitment a business owner can ever make is to -  follow the heart at. all. cost. (yes, at all cost, even if it means risking it all and it not working out.)

For me, this is what this has meant just this past week:

✨ When the heart says bring this person on the team, you do that even if it seems, well, rather crazy (done in the last week, welcome Mikee to the dream...

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The 6 Freedoms

Jan 28, 2022

There are 6 freedoms that I think we need to cherish. 


Not having them costs: 





And… hundreds of thousands in revenue and financial security. 


Listen to my podcast where I discuss what those are and how you can heal them. 

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About your voice…

Jan 26, 2022

I was just recording a podcast episode last week of finding your own voice and then it hit me.

So many times you hear that you should "be the best version of yourself."

I spent my life turning myself into a superwoman.

I wanted my voice to be smoother.

I wanted to sound more eloquent.

I wanted to be more polished.

Less frazzled.

Better leader.

Less emotional.

Less vulnerable.

Less needy.

Less attached.

Less dramatic.


Less defensive.

Less sensitive.

Less selfish.

More loving.


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So how DO you open your heart and move into higher frequency?

Jan 19, 2022
High frequency is the key to making a TRUE difference in the world and holding space for your clients.
Ultimately comes down to love.
Moving into the frequency of love, as I come to find out, isn't about massaging your heart chakra, thinking loving thought... at least not for me.

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