You HAVE a successful business but... are tired of working all the time, not having the support you need, and wishing you were as inspired as you once were?

"I had a first $117k launch within 6 weeks of working with Iva and her team. and it was EASY and I LOVED IT! "

Prue Blennerhassett, coach

How we can work together:

Free 7 day workshop: Leaders Break Free: - the 7 figure annual strategic programming session

For high performing coaches ready to

✔️ design their business and life and run it on their own terms 

✔️ forge an inside-out freedom and boundless joy

✔️ create a 6 and 7 figure income while creating MAGIC in the world 


7-figure training program & mastermind

We run two high-end, incredibly effective programs where we have helped countless clients launch and relaunch their service-based businesses generating high 5 and 6-figure months while scaling their workload down with a team.


✔️ help you develop your 7-figure brand

✔️ teach you the world's most effective virtual event launch strategy

✔️ help you create a highly-scalable and incredibly effective program

✔️ help you scale with a small team that does your operations, marketing, and sales so YOU can focus on being a true leader

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"I had my first 6 figure month within WEEKS of working with Iva. Incredible transformation in me and my business."

Tara Best, Mindset Coach

Hi sister! My name is Iva (pron. Eva)  Paleckova.

People know me as the single mom who went from food stamps to a 7-figure business with an infant in 18 months. 

In all honesty, not without major battles.

So many times I just wanted to burn the whole thing down, fire everyone, and work somewhere in a coffee shop. 

My purpose is to help my power-house sisters in crime to merge IMPACT with FREEDOM, inside out. 

You CAN run a successful 7-figure practice, and you CAN do it without sacrificing everything else and with an incredible flow, joy, and freedom. 

And do some of the things I do, like work a 4-day work-week, take a week off every 4 weeks to do a spiritual retreat and psychedelics, live in an exotic country, or and live an incredibly full life with your family.  

My clients have done that WHILE going from near 0 to 6 figure months very quickly. 

"I had my first 52k week in within WEEKS in Iva's program. So grateful. "

Denise March
Women's empowerment coach

" I have been a business owner for 20 years, licensed counselor for 25. I was so impressed with Iva's knowledge that she shared in her free program that it was a no-brainer to join her program and in the FIRST MONTH I made back more than 3 TIMES OF MY TOTAL INVESTMENT. I have been wanting to have someone help me systematize, and I was able to follow very specific guidance and actionable content. There is SO MUCH SUPPORT in this program. I am impressed with her knowledge, expertise, authenticity, and all the things that obviously bring back the investment. "

Michelle L Wilson, The Breakthrough Mentor
In the FIRST MONTH of working with Iva I made back more than 3 times of my annual investment.

"Joining Iva's program, was the best business decision I have made. Within several weeks I hired a team, enrolled more private clients, filled my tribe with my ideal clients, did a 6 day live workshop, and launched my first ever long term group program! "

Kelly K Biltz, ADHD Success Coach
3 new private clients and launched my first 8 month group program... within less than 2 months in Iva's program!

"This woman and her team are bar non the best I have worked with in a decade. In less than 7 weeks I created a 9 day event event that blew the roof off, and I launched and filled a program that has been in the works for 2.5 years. Tonight was our first night! "

Tammy Lee Schumacher, Spiritual Coach
5 new clients in my 8 month program within 7 weeks of working with Iva

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