Hello, my name is Iva. I am a recovering 3-D ambitious, driven, head-centered, successful single mother and the creator of two seven-figure businesses.

In 2021, I took a very painful and exciting journey of reformatting the consciousness of my business to the consciousness of the “we“ reality versus the old paradigm reality where I lived in constant worry about money, overloading my schedule, over-delivering, chasing clients, checking all the boxes, overly focused on sales, not enough of self-love.

The awakened businesswoman is a woman who has healed her attachments to money, success, popularity and her fear of judgment and "not good enough". A woman who does not need the likes or the recognition, but who does not resist it either.

She knows exactly who she is, and she loves her self. She adores her self, and her sisters, her clients, and her mentors. She has so much love in her heart. She knows her worth, as squishy as it sounds. She knows that her soul has some really impactful stuff to say.

The past two years, I put close to 10,000 people through my various paid and unpaid programs. I am currently offering only small group and private offerings, and occasional broader audience offerings for the community.

There is a frequency at which things flow, the most elegant ideas and creative programs pop right in your head, you experience continuous serendipities, you feel an incredible connection to yourself, to people in your life, and finally...

And you do it in true abundance, which means space and joy.

Every day is an incredible artistic creation and a curious journey, while you are grounded in service or others, while honoring yourself at a deep level,

Such a life requires shifts. These consists of letting go of the ways we lived in the old paradigm, where we would

… Sell when we didn’t wanna sell,

… Tolerate clients we really didn’t enjoy,

… And do marketing and sales in a way we dread.

Such nonsense is over, but it requires a journey into the unconscious network of thought systems that is bound to the old paradigm.

Together we will surrender the false concepts that you held onto and you will begin to discover a new life grounded in internal abundance and harmony.

As far as my background… Well, it’s just a story.

I have traveled the world, worked on different continents in different languages, owned restaurants, run a business coaching practice out of an RV driving around the country doing speaking engagements, all of it. I currently live in Costa Rica with my two-year-old daughter Lexie, and she and I have a blast with beach outings, monkey sounds, and living a beautiful and a magical life. I am a living proof that miracles and magic are possible.

In 2019, I was completely broke, with $700 in my account, waiting in line for food stamps, and manifested $1 million coaching practice by the time Lexie turned one year old.

Phoenix Rising is for the achieving woman who is ready to fully transition to a true 5D, Soul-lead business, working for God. 

She is ready to purge everything that doesn't serve her, heal and integrate integrate all her disowned parts to become a whole, confident, grounded leader, and rise ad a visionary that you came here to be, in service of global transformation and awakening. 

We will be doing very deep part work, releasing old stuff, coming home to who you truly are, and rising out of the ashes as a completely new being - close to God, grouded in Self, and working in the world as a vessel.

The work is lifechanging and easily worth 10x the 

It includes

  • Visionary Day with Iva 
  • 9 months of private 1:1 mentoring and coaching (3 deep journies and coaching a month) 
  • A private long weekend retreat in Costa Rica with me (travel and accommodation not included) or other beutiful location in the world we both agree on 
  • Unlimited voice and text memo access 

Investment: $27,777 (add a week long private retreat for $33,333). 

Payment plan available with a deposit of $8888 and monthly payments of $2361) 


3 seats available for 2023 - 2024 season, book a consult to apply

This is an incredible opportunity to sit at a table together and create an incredible heart and soul lead divinely guided business strategy.

Currently 3 slots available. 

Investment: $3333. 


  • VIP day (online or in person in Costa Rica) with Iva. 9.30 - 12.30 and 2-4 MT
  • Access to the Business Course In Miracles ($555) 
  • Access to the Abundance Codes ($333) 

The Visionary Circle is a small group, 7 months minimum commitment magical mastermind anchored around the business course in miracles and the abundance code and other principles of living our lives in abundance. 

Investment: $1111/month. 


  • Weekly small group mastermind meetings 
  • Access to ALL available courses, trainings, and recordings
  • The Business Miracles Series

Currently 1 spot open, 2 spots open in September. 


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