No more throwing darts on the wall to see what sticks, or chasing the next ‘flashy new object’.


My 5 step business building blueprint 

✔ the five essential steps to profitable service-based business

✔ my three most effective and easiest FUNNEL TYPES 

✔ four essential areas you need to automate in your business 

✔ the three steps you need to take to uplevel your brand

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I am your gal if at least ONE OF THESE  is your goal 

✔ You are scale your coaching or consulting business to multiple 6 figures

✔ You want to share your knowledge and message and establish yourself as an expert in your field, whether it’s through a book, online courses or memberships, workshops, creating a meetup group, or becoming a speaker. 

✔ You want to build a LIFESTYLE business. That means, you want to run a business, not have a business that runs you. You don’t want to work all the time running from a networking to networking meeting, chasing those leads. 


Working with me, you CAN build an amazing coaching, consulting, service based business EVEN IF you

✔ Have virtually zero branding and copy-writing skills

✔ You are not a techy and know nothing about funnels

✔ You don’t have a network of people you know or an email list

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"Investing in a coaching program with Iva is by far the best thing I've done for my business! Iva helped me implement the right systems to grow my business with confidence. Within one month of working with Iva, I sold my first high ticket offer and with the new on-boarding systems the process was a breeze for me and my clients. Now I'm ready to scale and grow my business. The Quantum Leaps Entrepreneur program is life changing"

Gina Stenback
Marketing Strategist

"Working with Iva I feel more productive than I have felt in a while! It's fun work! I love getting stuff done on my business at this rate."

Emily Bauer
Massage therapist and massage studio owner

"Iva has been tremendous help in moving my business forward. She gives me exactly what i need at every step to reaching my business goals. "

Betsy Walker
Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Coach

""I get more done with Iva in a day then I accomplish in a very long time by myself" "

Tracy Jo Hamilton
Life Coach

"Iva gave me a clear, precise, and effective strategy I can easily apply to my business and attract clients with ease. Iva is easy to work with, has a brilliant mind and knows her business! After only our two VIP intensives I feel clear, confident and ready for my next steps."

Dr. Eva Malanowski
Transformational psychologist

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