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My name is Iva.


I am an international speaker, coach, best-selling author. I have started, successfully sold, and failed quite a few businesses, traveled the world, was on the CNN, and worked on three continents in three languages. 


I also took half a year out of my life to do nothing. Well, seemingly nothing. I meditated, contemplated, and spent months in the woods researching and writing about what is it holds our level of consciousness stuck in place. 

My approach is very unique. It has to do with three things:


1. STRATEGY. Having a sound business strategy and follow-through is key. 

2. SURRENDER. Letting go of all the feelings, fears, and ecosystems of the ego that keep you STUCK and away from building an amazing business. 

3. BUILD A SYSTEM that generates business for you repeatedly and predictably. 




You are my favorite type of client if... are a service based entrepreneur, in a helping profession, or a coach or therapist. do a lot. You are driven and determined, but you seem to be throwing spaghetti on the wall in business and nothing seems sticking

.. your put a lot of effort into your own evolution. You understand that the biggest thing that holds you back from success if you. 
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