How Our Clients Launched Successfully with 4-10 New Clients & Tens of Thousands of $$$ in A Single Retreat

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Get ready for your entrepreneurial liberation. Limitless expression, freedom of the mind, and true AUTHENTICITY

I’m Iva Paleckova. I'm a visionary leader, transformation enthusiast, 7 figure CEO, and DEFINITELY not your guru :D 
People know me as the toddler single mom who took her business from food-stamps to 7 figure revenue in 18 months, while moving across the world twice, creating a dream life in Costa Rica for her daughter, and creating a world class brand. 
What you might not know, though is this: creating a picture perfect life did not lead to the promised happiness. 
I felt lost, burdened by life, and felt like I wanted to burn the business down. 
Worse. Then I realized that the clients I had helped to make all the money, too, were in a similar boat. 
Through a very intense period of 'taking out the garbage', truth telling, emotional release, and realigning, I managed to walk back 'home',  realizing one thing: Business is a tool for spiritual transformation. We MUST do our work first, else - no amount of business scaling will last. It will just exacerbate our out-of-integrities! 
I am the creator of  the Break Free Process - that is helping MANY to free themselves and my hope is that it will serve you as well.

With the Break Free Process, we have been helping entrepreneurs around the world to: 

#1. realign your business with inner truth and integrity (it heals everything).
#2. become unapologetically yourself. Fiercely feminine, self-loving, and acknowledging; FREE in your expression.
#3. become totally unaffected by what others think of you (or even what you think of yourself). 
#4. become connected to your soul and free of doubt and confusion.
#5. be able to flow through any resistance that shows up in your business. 
#5. become a leader who stands fully grounded in who she is.

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